Preventive Services

Prevention is our #1 goal. We believe that with regular dental visits, early discussions about nutrition and a healthy diet and proper dental education, we can help build a strong foundation for good oral health. We encourage parents to establish dental care for their children by age one because we know how these early dental experiences can make a significant impact on your child's oral health now and in the future.

Dental Exam and Cleanings

A thorough examination and cleaning will be done at your child's appointment to help us develop the best care plan tailored especially fo his or her needs. There will be alot of teachings and discussion on prevention of dental disease. We will also ask questions about your child's dental and medical history, including the parent's dental health- all of which is important and can impact your child's oral health.


We tell kids it's like "vitamins" for the teeth. Fluoride treatments are effective in the prevention of tooth decay and cavities because they help strengthen and remineralizes teeth. Generally, after your child's examination and cleaning, we will recommend fluoride treatment if it is right for him/her.

BPA-Free Sealants

BPA-free dental sealants safely protect teeth by protecting grooves and keeping out germs and food particles found in plaque and acids. Most tooth decays in children occur on surfaces that regular brushing cannot effectively clean. By applying sealants, a thin resin coating is applied and bonded onto the chewing surfaces of back teeth. With good oral hygiene and a healthful diet, sealants can last for years and help minimize the chance of your child getting cavities.

Low Radiation Digital Radiography

Digital x-rays enable us to quickly process images so that we can properly diagnose and treat issues before or when they happen. Digital radiography also exposes your child to the least amount of radiation- about 90% less compared to film alone.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings are used to seal a small hole (cavity) in your tooth that is caused by decay. At Culpeper Kids Dentistry, we use only the best materials for our patients. Our composites are BPA- free bringing beautiful aesthetics and strength to resist fractures. Tooth decay destroys the strong structure of a tooth. Tooth-colored fillings or composite resins provide durability and resistance to fractures during moderate pressure from the constant stress of chewing. If maintained properly with good oral hygiene, composites can last for years.

Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Flouride is an antibiotic fluid- a "cavity-fighting" agent- used to stop or slow down tooth decay. The active ingredient in SDF is silver, which has been used in medicine for over a hundred years for its potent antimicrobial properties. It is also very effective at killing bacteria that causes tooth decay. SDF is applied to the teeth with a brush and takes less than one minute to apply. There is no noise or drilling which makes this a great option for very anxious children. SDF can also be used on baby teeth that are nearing exfoliation, which spares unnecessary dental work on teeth that are on their way out. The significant side effect of SDF is discoloration. The healthy tooth surfaces remain intact, but tooth decay turns a very dark, nearly black, after application. This discoloration is what we look for during follow-up apppointments to know that the medication was effective.

Dental Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Dr. Amante and his team have experience providing care to children with special medical needs such as autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and bipolar disorder. We also work with children with behavorial concerns such as anxiety and nervousness. At Culpeper Kids Dentistry, we make sure that every child receives care appropriate for his or her specific needs.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoridated water has been called one of the most significant health achievements of the 20th century — but not every child gets enough fluoride. That's one reason why a topical fluoride varnish, applied here in the dental office, may be recommended for your child.

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can be of great benefit to children and teenagers who would otherwise be very anxious and fearful during regular dental treatment, or for patients who require extensive restorative care. We offer a variety of safe and effective sedation options at our office, including general anesthesia. Dr. Amante also has privileges at Culpeper Hospital, Inova Loudon Hospital and Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.

Emergency Dental Care

Accidents happen, especially with inquisitive and energetic kids. In the event of a dental emergency, call our office immediately and Dr. Amante will talk you through the situation and schedule a same-day emergency visit if necessary.